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 Through the Valleys
(2016) on IMDb

The film

Through The Valleys is a 47-minute independent feature documentary about Robin Blomdin, a PhD student who gets his first chance to lead a research project in Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan. Through his eyes we get to experience an adventure in a breathtaking landscape, as he tries to unravel how big the glaciers in Central Asia were during the last ice age.

The project is a crucial part of the research that's needed to understand past climate change and in turn, predict the future climate of our planet.

In the film, Robin leads two science teams through rugged terrain far away from civilisation, while collecting his last essential rock samples for his PhD thesis. Time is running out and the problems keeps piling up. Can he handle the pressure and take the next step in his journey of becoming a scientist?

The filmmaker

Adam Stjärnljus is a director and producer living in Stockholm, Sweden.

Starting out as a press photographer at a young age he quickly got an eye for beautiful imagery and interesting stories. He then continued with illustration and animation and worked as a freelance motion designer and director for 6 years before starting the commercial production company Makers Only together with two of his closest friends. Together they produce and direct commercials, animated films and documentaries.

Adam has created films in different shapes for as long as he can remember but Through The Valleys is his first feature documentary.

The production story

Through The Valleys was made by Adam Stjärnljus, the director, producer, and cinematographer of the film.

Together with an additional cinematographer and sound technician, Joakim Ojanen, they made up the two man film crew that took on the challenge of filming this documentary far away from civilisation, across the vast landscapes of Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan.

Rigorous planning was critical to make the production a success without any electricity available and in very harsh environments at high altitudes.

Through tough weather, sickness, technical problems and several close calls that could have ended the production, they succeeded in getting all the material they wanted.

Back home in Sweden, Adam worked on the edit and post production of the film for 2 more years before finally finishing the film.


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